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A Fund Exclusively For Cancer Patients and Families of Rabun County, GA

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Mission Statement

The Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund of Rabun County is dedicated to providing support to cancer patients who are residents of Rabun County, their caregivers and families. Helpline number is 706-746-3350. Spread the word about our extensive website!!!! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING the Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund of Rabun County, Georgia. The patients and families of our county are depending on you!!

The Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund wants to provide you with many resources that will help you with your cancer journey. These links will empower you to make better decisions and find other resources that will assist you. Being aware of them will open doors of opportunity for you and your family. Just click on these links to the left to be in touch with other helping hands. Click here for more information on early detection of breast and prostate cancer. Knowledge is power. Not only do we want to assist you in being cured but also healed. There is a vast difference between the two. Know that your doctors and other health care providers will do their best to rid you of cancer, but you have a responsibility to follow their direction, keep a positive attitude, maintain a nutritious diet, exercise, and do everything in your power to surround yourself with positive people. Ask for help when needed, accept help and love from those around you, and realize that your immune system is a powerful tool in fighting your cancer. Everything just mentioned will help boost that system.

CURE magazine is a great resource for cancer survivors and the articles are well worth reading whether a cancer survivor or caregiver. It comes out 4 times a year. Subscribe to this magazine. It is free to professionals, cancer survivors and caregivers. Just click on to read the articles and subscribe with no strings attached. Reading this magazine will update you on the latest information about cancer treatment, diagnosis, prevention, and survivor issues so necessary for increasing the quality of life of all who get past the cancer treatment but who still have issues that have to be monitored and/or treated. 

There is a donation link that will assist us in our fight against cancer. Paypal is available for your friends and loved ones to donate online in your name.

Contact Us at 706-746-3350

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