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Welcome to the Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund of Rabun County, Georgia

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Application Process for Patients

The process is easy!! We are very fortunate to have a most dedicated coordinator who will walk you through the application. Just call 706-746-3350. Normally you will receive a response within 24 hours. Don't wait! As soon as you have a confirmed diagnosis from your doctor, call the help line so we can process your application. The service is free of charge, but you must be a resident of Rabun County to be approved. The Cancer Fund Coordinator can help you with services from Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund and may also be able to guide you to other valuable resources in Rabun County. WE WANT TO HELP YOU, BUT YOU MUST CALL!! Give us the opportunity to lighten your load a little by giving us the privilege of making your journey through treatment easier for you, your family and caregivers. THE APPLICATION PROCESS AND SERVICES ARE COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. The Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund is the only organization that helps provide for non-medical needs of these residents including gas cards, mortgage payments, car payments, utility bills, sitters, support groups and more.


Tammy Whitmire, a long time Rabun County resident, has been our coordinator from the beginning. This dedicated and very knowledgeable person is the key person for you to contact from our phone number. She will usually contact you within 24 hours to walk you through the process. You must have a doctor verified diagnosis of cancer and be a certified resident of Rabun County to qualify. This wonderful and caring person is known just about by everyone in the County and will be a voice of comfort and help for you to get the process going. Don't wait until your treatment has already begun because we can help from the beginning. Some families are reluctant to call because they hate to ask for a free service. The cancer journey is a difficult one and you need as many people in your corner as possible. Let the Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund help, even if it is just with transportation to your treatment facility, as there are no treatment centers in Rabun County. Your doctor should be very familiar with our services, so expect them to encourage you to call. We have brochures that can be mailed to you, a medical advisor that is available, a coordinator to arrange transportation, and many others that are available to lighten you and your family's burden. Don't have to make a decision between a house payment, a prescription, or groceries when we can help.

Contact Us at 706-746-3350

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