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Welcome to the Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund of Rabun County, Georgia

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Supporting the Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund? How to donate!

There is no holiday for those suffering with cancer.

PRIVATE DONATIONS are the lifeblood of the Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund. Make an ANNUAL GIFT in the memory of a friend or loved one. It is just as important to honor a current patient with a donation.

Memorials reminding you and your family of the victory or loss of a loved one or friend will be a lasting sign that those were not forgotten.

We suggest your church or civic group donate or create a fund raiser.  Online credit donations can be made through Paypal which will be a convenient, secure way to donate online. Donations can be sent by check to the Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund at P.O. Box 485 in Rabun Gap, GA 30568.

Ask your employer to donate in the name of their company. Be a sponsor for one of our events. Get your neighborhood to have a garage sale, bake sale, or car wash to give to those that are less fortunate than you.

Take out a life insurance policy and name the SWMCF beneficiary, remember the Fund in your will, or ask your employer to start a monthly giving program with a payroll deduction plan for them and their employees. There are so many ways to help your Rabun County cancer patients. If you have any questions about these and other forms of donations, call 706-746-3350. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

If you would like to donate, please help us thank you and recognize those who you are honoring or memorializing. Please email us and provide your name and address (unless you would like to remain anonymous).

Additionally, regardless of whether you give us your name and address, we would like the name of the person(s) and family's name and address to let them know of your donation.

Thank you so much for your support!!

Tell your doctor about the Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund.

Contact Us at 706-746-3350

Email : Dottie Haney at

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